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Frederica Wald Discusses Challenges Facing the Theater Industry and How to Help Turn it Around

frederica wald

Frederica Wald is examining the arts as well as the culture sector of 2021. During her journey she touches on different aspects of the theater industry. One that has been talked about often are the challenges facing the theater industry and how companies and the creative sector can help turn it around.

The covid pandemic recovery may be slower than we’d like but we are seeing great hopefulness and resilience.  But how quickly the theaters can regain their audience and build new audiences will be pivotal for determining the future of the industry.

Along with the tourism sector, cultural and creative sectors are among the most affected by the current crisis.  The venue-based sectors (such as museums, performing arts, live music, festivals, cinema, etc.) are the hardest hit by social distancing measures. The huge drop in revenues put their financial sustainability at risk which has resulted in reduced wage earnings and lay-offs with consequences for the value chain of their suppliers, from creative and non-creative sectors alike. Some cultural and creative sectors, such as online content platforms, have profited from the increased demand for cultural content streaming during lockdown, but the benefits from this extra demand have largely benefited to the largest firms in the industry.

Recommendation for the cultural and creative sectors considering Covid-19 and its consequences:

  • Develop new local strategies for cultural tourism that address the socially and environmentally unsustainable practices of many large-scale or intensive tourism centers.
  • Support cultural and creative entrepreneurship as incentives of new models of economic and social value creation.
  • Promote greater correspondent between culture and other policy sectors.
  • Expand the innovation strategies and policies to assist the role of cultural and creative sectors.
  • Put measures into place to help the recovery of the self-employed and other small firms including new digital tools.
  • Encourage private and non-profit sector mobilization in support of cultural and creative sectors and workers.
  • Ensure that the support to cultural organizations reaches artists and other creative professionals.
  • Alongside with income and business support measures, invest in cultural production to help the sector rebound after the crisis.

Covid-19 hit the world hard. Businesses everywhere have begun to pick up all the pieces that have been torn apart from the pandemic. The cultural and creative sectors were hit hard and how they recover from this unprecedented time could make all the difference for this industry. However, during the pandemic, the creative and performing arts has shown great resilience and new innovations; digital theater, public outdoor performances, online talkbacks, a new lens on traditional themes and narratives.

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