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Frederica Wald offers her Thoughts on How to Maintain a Work-Life Balance During COVID-19

Balancing work, family obligations and just everyday life is already a balancing act and now adding a global pandemic to the mix does not make to it any easier. Many of us have been furloughed, laid off or now (like myself) are working remotely and confined to our “covid” spaces with daily warnings and updates from the news, even making us feel that much more sheltered, constricted and sometimes hard to stay sane!

Frederica Wald gives her input and advice on how you can better maintain a work-life balance even with working from home.

Although working from home can be great it can also cause a lot of stress can be hard to actually get into a productive routine, especially when we have pivoted overnight to remote learning, meetings, and all communications. “Zoom fatigue” is quite common and can sometimes be so overscheduled, it’s hard to get the work done… It can be hard to come up with a routine for yourself to be productive during your work hours and buckle down and get things you need done: to be productive, meet deadlines and still maintain your empathy and managerial responsibilities. If you are a mother or sharing your workspace with a family member, spouse, or friend – it can be much more difficult to manage working from home. And let’s not forget when the dog barks in the middle of an important zoom presentation too. All so uncertain and unpredictable

All or some of these daily disruptions can cause extra stress and chaos to your workday. Even if you aren’t a mom working from home, this unprecedented and uncertain time can be stressful and can make you feel like your days are long and sometimes isolating.

Frederica Wald know what it’s like to have work be your life and the challenge of making yourself, your loved ones, and your health a priority. That’s why she tries to prioritize making time for herself and having a good balance especially during these difficult times. It’s the little things that really keep you going and keep you sane while struggling to figure out this remote work lifestyle. Some tips and tricks that have helped Frederica Wald include:

Tips on How to Maintain Work-Life Balance

  1. Establish a routine

Set up a routine for yourself as if you are actually going into work. Humans beings are creatures of habit and having a set routine can make you feel like you have a little bit of control over your life. Wake up at a certain time (30-45 minutes earlier than others in your household), have your coffee, do your workout whatever it may be that makes you feel calm and focused and able to take on any surprises or the stress of the day.

2. Create a Dedicated Workspace

Having a dedicated workspace is crucial when working from home. There are so many discounts on small desks, office setups that make a huge difference. Get a chair that is structured long zooms or phone calls. Sitting on your couch all day is not an option to feel productive, creating a dedicated space is creating an important and positive boundary will help establish your routine and help you feel more balance

3. Take Breaks

This goes hand and hand with establishing your routine. Working from home may cause you to get stuck to working all day or not work at all (especially if one of your favorite old movies or Netflix series is a click away!) So, establishing a set time where you are able to take breaks will help you stay on top of things and look forward to something, so you are not draining yourself. Listen to your favorite music on your iPhone, 6 minutes of deep breathing ( there are many internet sites that can guide you), quick yoga tune up or even reaching out for a personal text or call to a friend.  Reminding yourself these conditions will not last forever –

4. Be Patient and Kind to Yourself – and Laugh

This is new for everyone, so you are not alone in this. It may seem like your world is vulnerable (because it is) or even falling apart or like your days are the same every day with no purpose. Be patient and kind with yourself and know that you are doing your best given the circumstances. Everyone is trying to adjust to the new reality so do not be too hard on yourself. And maintain your sense of humor – wherever you can.

It is important to make time for yourself and prioritize your mental health. Frederica Wald says doing these simple, obvious few steps mentioned above has really helped her have peace of mind and make sure she is making time for herself and her needs. It can be hard to balance work and everyday life especially in these surreal circumstances, but it is essential for easing any degree of anxiety to help maintain balance and perspective.

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